Our Story

The Project

The Charlotte Herbal Accessibility Project was created in March of 2018, and is a project that aims to educate communities in Charlotte, NC about the benefits, practical uses and history of herbal medicine. Founder and Herbalist Brandon Ruiz created the project after realizing the city lacks an adequate amount of resources to learn about herbalism in its entirety, from seed to tincture. He had to travel to places like Asheville, NC, a community rich in herbal medicine, to meet other herbalists, teachers and find herbal resources to learn from, and so he decided herbalism needed to have a stronger presence in Charlotte. Herbalism links us to our bodies, the planet, and is intrinsically connected to food security, affordable healthcare and diet/lifestyle.

The project began with the intention of providing a traveling educational base, from event to event to community to community, however with the opportunity to occupy a community garden, it was decided that the project would include education on the entire process, from seed, cultivation, harvest to tincture. The CLTHAP currently occupies the Community Partnership Garden in North Davidson, and is currently growing over 60+ different edible and medicinal herbs! Our emphasis is to provide herbal knowledge and healing to low-income communities and people of color, ensuring that there is equal and affordable access to herbalism as a whole.