Our Values

The Charlotte Herbal Accessibility Project operates off of five core values. These subjects establish the basis of our educational outreach, from out in the field working with the plants to organized classes and workshops. We aim to embody these values in every step we take, every collaboration with the community and every seed we sow.

Cultural Preservation

Through cultivation and education on plants that correlate to participants' ancestral roots, the CLTHAP works to preserve cultural practices, educate participants on their personal heritage and allow them to connect with and learn about their ancestors' relationships to plants.

Food Security

Through strategic occupation of land throughout the city of Charlotte, the CLTHAP works to ensure access to fresh and local fruits, vegetables and herbs to communities that lack affordable and convenient access to these resources. By educating participants in agricultural practices, urban gardening techniques and much more, our hope is that participants will become empowered to execute projects of their own and continue the work in their communities, ensuring continuous security and stability.

Health and Nutrition

Through establishing garden spaces in areas where community members do not have access to fresh, quality produce, the CLTHAP works to improve community members' overall health, increase capability of eating a healthy and local diet and address health issues within the community. By providing extensive knowledge in herbal medicine and holistic lifestyle habits, participants will gain the knowledge on how to utilize edible and medicinal herbs for preventative healthcare practices.

Racial Justice

Through prioritizing BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), and educating them on the systematic oppression existing within the agricultural, food and herbal industries, the CLTHAP works to provide the resources and support for participants to establish themselves within these fields,and emphasize radical inclusion. Interestingly, people of color have a rich history in these realms that are coincidentally saturated with oppression, but this allows us to tie things together with our first value, "Cultural Preservation", by working on re-connecting to our roots and decolonizing these subjects.

Regenerative Action

Through occupying cultivation spaces throughout Charlotte, encouraging participants to pursue endeavors of their own with the knowledge obtained, using techniques to gradually expand the project's level of impact and applying regenerative farming techniques in our garden spaces, the CLTHAP works to be a REGENERATIVE endeavor. It is simply no longer enough to "sustain" the things we are doing in this world, we have to look into what needs to be done to "regenerate" the systems , methods etc. that have been damaged. We work to regenerate ourselves, others and the world around us through what we do.